InfoPyme brings LOADplus to Iloilo

InfoPyme Comunicaciones has launched the LOADplus Loading Solution, a latest innovation in loading and reloading telco products and virtual wallets.

LOADplus was introduced to Ilonggo entrepreneurs, businessmen, young professionals, and members of media and blogging community in a Partnership Launch held on Saturday, March 14 at Diversion 21 Hotel.

InfoPyme representative showed how easy it is to use LOADplus machine in sending and receiving prepaid load as well as do money transfers and reloading of retail chain card loads.

“The strength behind the LOADplus Loading Solution is its advantage of embedding a low-cost, effective and sustainable operating model to address business challenges and institute a comprehensive territorial distribution plan to deliver better returns,” InfoPyme Comunicaciones said in a statement.

The LOADplus Business Solution intends to collaborate with telco partners, distribution channels and stakeholders to achieve business growth.

About InfoPyme Comunicaciones

InfoPyme is a premier Spanish public telephone solution provider offering a full range of technology products and distribution services. Headquartered in a 3.400m facility in Zaragoza, Spain, Infopyme employs approximately 150 people with sales and services in more than 18 countries.

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