Why You Should Invest in Estate Jewelry: Unique Pieces with a Rich History

Estate jewelry

Throughout history, both men and women have been fond of wearing jewelry and made use of whatever materials were accessible to them. It’s understandable that antique and estate jewelry remains in demand nowadays due to the sentimental value they hold. Their attractiveness endures, no matter how old they are.

Estate jewelry belongs to a class of its own, boasting timeless appeal. From necklaces and earrings to rings and bracelets, each piece is unique and carries with it a story from the past. Investing in estate jewelry pieces is a great way to add both elegance and value to your collection.

Why You Should Invest in Estate Jewelry

Investing in estate jewelry is an attractive idea as it encompasses any piece of jewelry that is under 50 years old that has been previously owned or inherited. There are numerous reasons why investing in estate jewelry is a wise decision.

Best Value and Investment

When you purchase antique and estate jewelry, you’re not just making a typical purchase due to its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. You’re also making an investment because this type of jewelry typically maintains its value and even appreciates over time.

Each item is designed to last naturally, and its beauty is not compromised. Antique and estate jewelry, regardless of the decade, is cherished and valued by its owners.

Environmentally Friendly

Consumers are currently more concerned about the environment than ever before. The jewelry industry has a direct impact on the environment as the metals and gemstones used in making each piece are sourced from the Earth through mining.

Estate jewelry pieces were made using materials that were mined before modern commercial mining practices became popular. As a result, estate pieces are more environmentally friendly than their modern counterparts.

Investing in estate jewelry is a great way to continue enjoying beautiful jewelry pieces while also reducing your environmental impact.

Contain Famous Gemstones

Some mines in the world are known for producing exceptional gemstones. However, many of these mines are now closed. If you want to own a piece of jewelry featuring a stone from one of these inactive mines, you need to buy estate jewelry.

It can be difficult to find certain gemstones used in estate jewelry today, such as turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine located in Arizona and emeralds from the Malysheva mine located in Russia.
When the mines were initially worked, the gems were more affordable for jewelry makers of that time because the old-time miners didn’t know that the stones would become scarce. By purchasing estate jewelry pieces, you can own a rare and unique gemstone without spending as much as you would for a modern jewelry piece with the same stone.


Modern jewelry designers often mass-produce their pieces, whereas estate jewelry from before the industrial revolution was meticulously crafted by hand.

Due to the challenging process of creating jewelry by hand, jewelers used to work by candlelight to carefully set each stone and fashion every metal decoration. As a result, only a limited number of pieces could be produced by each jeweler.

Estate jewelry pieces are typically unique or very scarce, which makes them desirable for those who appreciate owning exclusive items. Consider investing in estate jewelry if you enjoy the idea of owning something that cannot be replicated.

Historical Significance of Estate Jewelry

Estate jewelry pieces come with a rich history that connects us to the past. From antique engagement rings to vintage brooches, each item has a unique story to tell. Owning a piece of estate jewelry can allow you to connect with the past and imagine the events and people who once owned and wore it.

Authentic Period Jewelry

Nowadays, it’s simple to search for and discover jewelry that is designed to look like it’s from an older era. Although this kind of jewelry can be stunning, there may be minor details that give away its modern origins.

There is nothing more authentic than antique jewelry, which was crafted using the technology and materials available during that time period, making it unique and special.

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Start Investing in Estate Jewelry Today

Investing in estate jewelry is a great way to own unique and beautiful pieces that are environmentally friendly, contain famous gemstones, have historical significance, and are crafted using authentic period materials.

With the help of a jewelry appraiser like Willyn Villarica, you can easily find the perfect pieces to add to your collection while keeping an eye on your budget. Start building your estate jewelry collection today, and enjoy connecting with history each time you wear it!

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