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Adding to cart your shopping items before the green light is on for 11.11 sale is a way of planning ahead. That’s how a madiskarte do it to save more! Another diskarte to defeat price hikes and inflation is having a well-crafted plan in your investments and choosing a brand that offers a wide range of solutions from commuting to business needs, just like Bajaj Three-wheelers!

Seeing the challenge brought about by inflation in 2022 did not stop Filipinos from seeking their own diskarte in commuting and livelihood. In fact, Bajaj Three-wheelers recorded a total sales growth of 71% as of October 2022, compared to the same period last year. Here are some examples of madiskarteng Filipinos who planned and achieved success with Bajaj:

Upgrade to the No. 1 Three-wheeler

Bajaj Maxima Z

Allan Martin, a driver in Tagaytay, upgraded his tricycle to a Bajaj RE – currently the top-selling Bajaj Three-wheeler unit composing 85.5% of the total unit sales in 2022. For over a decade, TODA drivers like Allan endured a “Pwede na” type of vehicle. But Bajaj RE made him recognize that a powerful, safe, comfortable and durable last-mile land transportation with an affordable maintenance cost is the upgrade he is looking for.
Not to mention, the average monthly maintenance cost for Bajaj Three-wheelers could get as low as Php 906 only (approximately, excluding tires).

Diskarte to the Max

Bajaj Maxima Cargo

Smart cost-cutting is crucial for businesses to maximize profits. One example is our latest partner, DC Tech. They adopted Bajaj Maxima Z as their First Response Vehicle. Equipped with a Fuel Injection system and a full-tank capacity of 8L, you can save on gas, making it the best business partner. This enables them to serve more efficiently without worrying about fuel consumption. This multi-purpose business partner contributes 11.4% to the total sales, as of October 2022.

Business Solutions for Start-ups

Bajaj Maxima Cargo’s highly modifiable body makes it perfect for business owners who want to grow their operations. CM Tea Hub managed to expand its operations with Bajaj Maxima Cargo. All they needed was to plan their investment and a little bit of creativity. To them, Bajaj Maxima Cargo became a self-liquidating asset available for as low as Php 25,000 down payment. With the rising demand for a business-friendly vehicle, 3% of the total sales of Bajaj three-wheelers were from Bajaj Maxima Cargo.

These individuals and businesses are just some stories out of all the Ka-Bajaj, who planned properly to make their dreams a reality. As the Bajaj Philippines EVP and COO, Mr. Raul Jay R. Manglapus said, “Without a plan, we are setting ourselves up for failure”. Start planning your investment today with Bajaj via this link:

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