Kucho Café: Where Conversations Happen Over Coffee & Comfort Food

Kucho Cafe in SM City Iloilo

Long before “Marites” became an internet sensation in the Philippines, Ilonggos already had a term for chitchatting or gossiping. The Hiligaynon word kucho-kucho is what they use to refer to chitchats or inconsequential conversations. While it may give a negative impression to some, this word was used by two doctor-entrepreneurs to name their dream business, the Kucho Café.

Does anything good come out of kucho-kucho? Certainly!

MD Entrepreneurs believe that kucho-kucho, in moderation, is good for the health. Conversations, whether meaningful or inconsequential, are essential for everyone’s wellbeing. “Universal ang coffee shop. We cater to people from different walks of life, from professionals, students to retirees. It’s really important that we talk to each other. Especially in the post-pandemic, people are longing to reconnect,” said Dr. Michael, one of the owners of Kucho Café.

Kucho Cafe interiors
Kucho Cafe interiors

A place where people can gather to start hearty conversations over coffee and comfort food—that’s what Dr. Michael envisioned Kucho Café when he and his wife started the business in 2017. Today, their dream café is a reality, offering a wide selection of beverages, as well as healthy and delicious meals. Among their must-try beverages are Hot Spanish Latte, Iced Caramel Macchiato, Coffee Caramel Frappe, Matcha Frappe, and Affogato. Customers also love their Creamy Spinach Dip, Grilled Three Cheese Sandwich, Kucho Burger Sliders, Honey Glazed Pork Belly, and Chicken Parmigiana.

As a new player in the coffee shop industry, Kucho Café has always been determined to make a name for itself through serving meals made from the freshest and locally sourced ingredients and providing great customer service. “Consistency is the DNA of mastery. Kapag consistent ka, lalago ka. Since we are new, we need to prove ourselves. We give our best in serving our customers because our service reflects our store,” said Dr. Michael.

Kucho Special Coffee
Kucho Special Coffee

Their consistency and hard work eventually paid off. With a growing list of loyal customers, the homegrown café expanded its operations. Motivated by the success of its first branch in Pison Avenue, Iloilo, the owners of Kucho Café decided to open another branch in SM City Iloilo. Choosing SM City Iloilo as the location of their second branch was a tactical move. “Iba talaga kasi yung market ni SM. SM is SM, so we decided to start here. SM has been part of my childhood, just like other Filipinos. Naging parte na siya ng Filipino culture. From celebrations to buying clothes, pupunta talaga sa SM,” said Dr. Michael.

Opening a second branch in SM City Iloilo has opened many doors of opportunities for Kucho Café. The mall’s high foot traffic has been contributing to the success of the store. The proud owners are optimistic that they will be opening more branches in other SM malls in the near future.

Photo 4- Kucho Food

For now, they are focused on consistently serving the Ilonggo community with delicious coffee and food. To be able to do this, Dr. Michael believes that sourcing the freshest local ingredients is important. This is why he views the enhancement of public markets in Iloilo City as beneficial especially to small and medium enterprises like them.

“Makaka-save ka ng time kapag lahat ng kailangan mo nasa market na. Malaking benefit talaga ang maayos na public market sa mga Ilonggos kaya dream come true kapag nag level-up ang market natin gaya ng Japan, Korea at Singapore, ” he says.

Kucho Café is pleased that conversations on the city’s progress and development are ongoing and widespread. While people are exchanging ideas how to better improve the city and the lives of people, Kucho Café dedicates itself to providing a place where such discussions can be heartier with a serving of coffee and comfort food.

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