Matthew Bible Book now available in Filipino Sign Language (FSL)

Bible in Filipino Sign Language or FSL

On April 21, 2024, Jehovah’s Witnesses announced the availability of the Bible book of Matthew in Filipino Sign Language (FSL). They plan to continue translating until the complete Christian Greek Scriptures, commonly called “New Testament”, is available in FSL. The event was attended by 413 people in person and 3,998 online.

Before the release of the complete book of Matthew, Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Philippines had already been translating various Bible verses into FSL for over a decade. They have also made many of their publications and videos available in FSL to help the deaf community learn about the Bible.

James Morales, spokesman of the Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Philippines, said: “We share the Bible message with all people from different backgrounds and languages. That includes communities using sign language. Having publications in these languages creates opportunities for free communication and interchange of ideas.”

Explaining why Matthew was the first Bible book to be translated into FSL, James Morales continued: “It is the first book among the four gospels of the Bible. As a Christian community, Jehovah’s Witnesses are very interested in learning about Jesus Christ and his Heavenly Father. The book of Matthew showcases the life of Jesus, how he worshiped and prayed to God, and what he went through to save mankind.”

The famous “Sermon on the Mount” of Jesus Christ is also beautifully rendered in this FSL Bible book of Matthew. According to the Witnesses, other Bible books will follow, including the remaining Gospel accounts.

The book of Matthew, along with other Bible-based publications and videos produced in FSL, can be accessed and downloaded at no charge from their website, JW.ORG.

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