MORE fishes and mangroves for Iloilo River

MORE Power executives releases fishes in Iloilo River.

More Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power) once again takes part in caring for the Iloilo River by releasing more juvenile fishes and planting mangroves, as part of its green initiatives in celebration of third year of operations in the metropolis.

On February 28, MORE Power released 1,096 fingerlings to Iloilo River, equivalent to the number of days that the company has been operating in the Iloilo City franchise area and serving the Ilonggos.

“We aim to help in restoring the ecological balance of the river and its fish variety. Releasing fingerlings in the Iloilo River can contribute greatly to the sustainable production of fish in the area and help the local fisherfolk with their livelihood which is in line with our goal of creating a sustainable supply of aquatic food for the Ilonggos,” said Roel Z. Castro, president and CEO of MORE Power.

The initiative is in partnership with the Iloilo City Government through City Agriculturist’s Office (CAO).

“More Power executives expressed big support to the fish dispersal program of Mayor Jerry Treñas. This adds to symbiotic relationship of fishes to water and plants, and its cycle on the environment,” stressed City Agriculturist Iñigo Garingalao.

They also released 1,204 lapu-lapu fingerlings bought by the City Government from suppliers in Capiz and Aklan.

“These were acclimatized meaning they were not released directly but gradually to the river to prevent them from getting shocked of the new environment. This is a way of ensuring their survival,” Garingalao said.

Mangrove planting

MORE Power personnel joins mangrove planting activity in Iloilo River.

On February 16, MORE Power personnel participated in the mangrove planting activity at Esplanade 7.

“The mangroves can greatly help our Ilonggo communities living along the coast. Mangroves protect these coastal areas and shorelines, reduce the wave height during storms, and provide a healthy habitat for fishes. We hope that this initiative will help the environment recover from the effects of calamities and also the negative impact caused by the previous oil spill that occurred in Bo. Obrero,” MORE Power said in a statement.

“We believe that we must all do our part in making our environment more sustainable for our community, and that includes MORE Power,” it added. (With reports from Iloilo City PIO)

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