How To Know It’s Time To Look for a New Commercial Cleaning Company

Commercial cleaning service

Finding a cleaning company with a good reputation that fits all of your needs is a challenging and overwhelming process for any manager, and the mere thought of changing can be pretty stressful.

What should you do if the cleaning business fails to meet your expectations and you’re not receiving the amount of care you’ve paid for?

The simple answer is that it may be time to hire new professional cleaners. You shouldn’t settle for less than the highest quality cleaning for your facility.

Here are the signs to look for that indicate you should move on.

Your Building Is Constantly Dirty

When you first hire them, you walk through the offices and everything smells super fresh and clean. You’re happy you’ve finally found “the one” when it comes to cleaning companies. But over time, you start noticing a bit of dust here and there — then maybe some bigger clumps of dirt. You see all those missed corners, and you realize that your facility is actually pretty dirty.

Having a clean work environment is important for your employees, supervisors, and clients. When leadership walks around a dirty building, it reflects poorly on you, which means getting a quality commercial cleaning service is vital.

Start doing research and look for any review that might ignite some doubt in the cleaning company. When you find a new one, it should assure a noticeable difference in the quality of cleaning you are receiving.

Staff Members Are Stepping in To Help

It’s not a big deal if your team is cleaning their spills and tidying up a little around their office. But bear in mind that no dedicated cleaning tasks should be performed by employees. That’s why you’re paying someone else to do it.

Your employees are hired to serve your clients and help generate revenue for your business — any time wasted on other things like cleaning costs the company additional money. Asking your team members to step in with cleaning could also lower their morale if they feel their time isn’t being utilized properly.

A reliable cleaning company will make sure your team’s talents are maximized for what you hired them for.

Poor Communication With Your Current Cleaning Company

Cleaning professionals come into your workspace regularly and handle all the inventory. That puts a company in a vulnerable position, which is why trust is crucial in these types of partnerships.

A reliable cleaning company will come on their scheduled date at the scheduled time, every time.

If you notice they’re showing up late or during inconvenient times of the day, you should look for a new cleaning company, or at least have a serious conversation with their managers.

Poor communication will end with conflicting schedules and areas of your facility being completely left untouched. It will ultimately deteriorate your trust in them.

Unprofessional Methods and Cheap Products

Some cleaning companies look to cut corners by using cheap products to save money. If they’re not being very careful, those products could damage your property, or even worse — cause health issues to your employees. When you consider that you’re hiring them to make sure your team’s health is protected, it can be a bit ironic to have your cleaning company jeopardize it.

Another way unreliable cleaning companies try to save money is by hiring less qualified talent to avoid a higher payroll expense. Less qualified employees may use improper cleaning methods which could cause damage to property or lead to uncleaned areas in your building.
If any of these things sound relevant, the signs are pointing toward finding a new cleaning company.

Find the Cleaning Company You Deserve

You shouldn’t feel tied to an unreliable cleaning company if you are not satisfied with their services, whether you’re on good terms with them or not.

A professional cleaning company will have excellent communication, high-end equipment, and provide high-quality cleaning services — and it always shows.

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