realme C53: The best graduation gift for tech-savvy kids

realme C53 as graduation gift
Our kids deserve the new Champion realme C53 for finishing the school year!

It’s graduation season again, and we want to celebrate this milestone in our children’s life by acknowledging their hard work, dedication, and achievement in completing the school year! Of course, we want to reward their accomplishment, but finding the perfect gift can sometimes be challenging.

In today’s generation where everything is online and digital, it is very ideal to gift our kids with his/her first smartphone. The recently released realme C53, dubbed as the Charging Champion, is the perfect choice for our tech-savvy kids!

For only P7999 SRP, realme C53 is the newest budget phone with bang-for-the-buck features rarely seen in the entry-level segment. Here are some of the features that our young ones will surely love:

Stylish Champion design

Our kids and teens, especially females, are very particular with style and aesthetics of their stuff, including their gadgets. They treat their smartphones as accessories to complete their daily getup or OOTD, so they will surely love the stylish design and colorways of realme C53.

realme C53 in Champion Gold
realme C53 in Champion Gold [Photo via realme FB]
It’s the brands slimmest phone to date at only 7.49mm thin, with modern squared off body and rounded edges which is a delight to hold and handle for our kids. Up front, it has a 90hz display with 180Hz touch response rate on a 6.7” HD+ screen with a maximum brightness of 450 nits, and a high 90.3% screen-to-body ratio. Great specs for budget-entry phone!

realme C53 is Ultra-Slim at 7.49mm
realme C53 is Ultra-Slim at 7.49mm

realme C53 comes in stunning Champion Gold and classy Mighty Black colorways, implementing “Gold Filament Gradient Coating Process” in its back panel allowing you to experience a million different raster textures when held under multiple angles and lighting conditions. Truly a head-turner that our kids can show off to their friends!

realme C53 in Mighty Black
realme C53 in Mighty Black

Charging Champion in the Entry-level

33W SuperVOOC Charging for realme C53
33W SuperVOOC Charging for realme C53

Our kids and teens will surely have lots of activities and at times they’re using their phones extensively. A phone with all-day battery life and fast-charging capabilities allow them to stay connected and engaged without worrying about running out of power. realme C53, with its “Charge Like a Champion” tagline, is the fastest charging smartphone in the entry-level by bringing in 33W SUPERVOOC Charging in the segment. It can be charged up to 50% in 31 minutes, and to 100% in just 88 minutes. That’s almost twice as fast versus the regular 18W charging found in other phones. Add to that its large battery of 5000mAh that can last long ranging from either up to 86 hours of music streaming, up to 36 hours of phone calls, or up to 16 hours of YouTube playback, as well as 38 hours of standby.

50MP AI Camera

realme C53 camera
realme C53 50MP + 0.8MP AI camera

Teenagers often enjoy capturing photos and videos to share on social media platforms. realme C53 is equipped with high resolution 50MP + 0.8MP AI rear cameras that utilizes realme’s usual camera features inclusive of the standard Photo Mode, Night Mode, 50MP Mode, among others. It is also fined-tuned with realme’s own color reproduction algorithms for better overall image quality. It also has 8MP Selfie Camera with an aperture of f/2.0 and an FOV of 78° housed in a dewdrop notch that teens would love to use while having selfies and groufies with friend! The usual camera UI features is present, and capable of capturing 720p video at 30fps.

Large Storage

The photos and videos plus downloaded apps and games require lots of space, so our teens will love realme C53’s 128GB large storage plus up to 2TB Expandability via micro-SD slot. This is paired with up to 6GB RAM and up to 6GB of dynamic RAM Expansion technology out of the box for a total of 12GB RAM!

realme C53 SIM tray with microSD slot for expandable storage of up to 2TB
realme C53 SIM tray with microSD slot for expandable storage of up to 2TB

More Features

Aside from those mentioned, realme C53 has 150% UltraBoom Speaker, Android 13 software, type-C Charging, and the Mini Capsule with all its three functions (Charging & Battery Status, Mobile Data Usage, Step Tracking/ Step Counting).

realme c53 display

How’s that for a budget phone? Clearly, the feature-packed realme C53 offers best value for money which makes it an ideal graduation gift especially as first phone of our teens. Its stylish design, fast charging and large battery, high-resolution AI camera, adequate storage space, and more features make it a wise choice that will surely bring joy to our tech-savvy graduates!

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