11 Awesome Reasons to Live and Work in Iloilo

Iloilo City diversion road

Thinking of moving to Iloilo to work or raise a family? You’re not alone. Iloilo is fast becoming one of the best places to live and work in the Philippines for several reasons. While these reasons may not be news to anyone who lives there, they bear repeating for everyone else in the country who’s still deciding on their careers. Here’s why you should have moved to Iloilo years ago:

1.) Expanding job market
Thanks to an influx of foreign investments, a wave of infrastructure projects, and smart public policies that have encouraged stable growth over the past few decades, the city of Iloilo is now experiencing a surge in new jobs across different industries. Job hiring in Iloilo City and the surrounding area has been steadily increasing and diversifying over the past several years, reflecting a move away from fisheries and agriculture to a broader service-based economy.

2.) Healthier lifestyle
Not only is fresh air and high-quality produce more accessible in Iloilo, but the city itself also has several major services and features that make it conducive to healthy living, such as free public Zumba classes, the most expansive bike lanes in the country, and highly walkable major public spaces. There is a marked lack of air pollution compared to other Philippine cities as well.

Iloilo City vies for ASEAN Clean Tourist City award.
Iloilo River Esplanade, the longest and cleanest linear park in the country.

3.) Access to different international destinations
As of writing, the Iloilo International Airport is connected to Hong Kong and Singapore, two major international hubs that are also two of the most popular destinations for Filipino travelers. In addition to these locations, the airport also connects passengers to most major Philippine cities as well as some popular tourist destinations.

4.) Multiple world-class beaches are within reach
Gigantes Islands, Sicogon, Guimaras, Boracay, Sipalay, Cuyo and countless other spots that could be described as a tropical paradise are within easy reach of Iloilo either by boat, bus, or a short flight. If working at the beach or within minutes of one is something that appeals to you but you still demand all your creature comforts to be close by, then Iloilo is a great choice for you.

5.) Reasonable cost of living
Salaries in Iloilo City are among the highest in the country yet the cost of living is also much lower than those of other major Philippine cities such as Cebu and Manila. This makes it a great place to stretch incomes and makes it popular with retirees and frugal entrepreneurs. There are also several quality centers of education from pre-school to that have reasonable tuition fees that make it attractive to those raising a family.

Deco's Original Lapaz Batchoy is best paired with puto.
Iloilo’s iconic dish, Original Lapaz Batchoy.

6.) Some of the best food in the country
We all know about Iloilo’s batchoy, pancit molo, and fresh seafood. But there are also lesser-known Ilonggo classics such as kansi, guinamus, linutik, tulapho kag apan-apan, KBL, and many others that will make you realize you should have moved here years ago. Standard Filipino cuisine is also done so much better here than it is in other major cities, thanks to the easy availability of fresh ingredients as well as a proud centuries-old culinary tradition.

7.) Much less traffic than other major cities
While Iloilo does have traffic snarls on occasion, it’s so infrequent that they may even get a mention in local newspapers. You will generally not see the levels of chaos that you’ll find in Cebu or Manila.

8.) Warm and friendly people
In a country known for its warm people, Ilonggos just take things a bit further. If being surrounded by easygoing, hospitable folks is something you find important, Iloilo has this covered.

9.) Growing economic opportunities
In the past decades, Iloilo has attracted significant local and foreign investment, making it more and more appealing to job hunters and entrepreneurs alike. In other words, this isn’t just a place to find a job, it’s a solid choice for building a life and a long-term career.

Molo Mansion
Molo Mansion, one of the heritage houses in Iloilo City.

10.) History and culture
The historic quarter of Iloilo is full of heritage houses and other historical sites dating back centuries. At times, you can really get a feel for what colonial life was like hundreds of years ago thanks to its well-preserved structures and colonial-era streets plans. History buffs will see extant pieces of history each time they look out the window, making Iloilo an extremely interesting place to live.

11.) Beautiful and clean surroundings
Major clean-up drives have turned Iloilo’s streets as well as the river that runs through it into success stories in a country that is, at times, fatalistic about the problems it has with air and water pollution. Coupled with the quaint historic architecture, you can scarcely ask for a nicer place to work or raise a family in.

Iloilo has a lot of positives going for it, both as far as the quality of life and professional opportunities are concerned. If you’re planning to move to Iloilo, be sure to use Mynimo.com to find the best jobs and careers in the city.

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