‘Sana All’: Recto calls for salary increase for medtechs, radtechs, dietitians

Sen. Ralph Recto calls for salary increase of health workers.

“A pay raise for one should cause a raise for all.”

Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph G. Recto made the statement calling for salary increase of medical technologists, radiologic technologists, nutritionist-dietitians, and other healthcare workers in government after nurses were given minimum pay hike.

Department of Budget and Management issued Budget Circular 2020-04 last Friday, July 17 which upgraded the entry-levelw salaries of government nurses from SG 11 to SG 15. Based on Salary Standardization Law V which took effect starting January 2020, that’s from P20,754 to P32,053 (a difference of P11,299).

Recto said that the SG15 position of gov’t nurses should be recognized as the new benchmark for compensation for all licensed health professionals in the government. Meaning, SG15 or P32,053 base pay should be their new minimum wage.

“The pandemic has shown the bravery of other white coats in the trenches battling the virus and saving lives—and who deserve a pay raise,” said Recto.

The Senator noted that medical technologists “in hazmat suits who take samples and test them for COVID 19”, radiologic technologists and dietitian-nutritionists are PRC test passers like nurses but only get in SG11, or P22,136 monthly.

“Mga stranded individuals din sila, denied of a ticket to a pay hike. Buti pa ang rookie na Patrolman, P30,000 kaagad ang base pay,” Recto said.

The entry-level pay of government dentists, which is SG-17’s P38,464 per month, should be increased, said Recto. “It contributes to the lack of dentists in the public health system, rendering it a toothless entity.”

For gov’t doctors, Recto is pushing for entry-level position of at least SG23 which is around P76,000 base pay per month excluding allowances, not just P29,277 monthly as Medical Officer I.

“We must not valorize our frontliners with platitudes. They are best honored by providing them with PPEs, better pay and support services, which they have earned for themselves with their sacrifices and selflessness. Making such a grant is the duty of the government, not merely a prerogative,” he concluded.

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