Ride the Flavors of the Red Riding Food Truck

Red Riding Food Truck in Molo Mansion

There is a new street food gourmet at the Molo Mansion and it’s on a truck!

Inspired by food trucks from the states, wherein people get to enjoy the quality and gourmet food anytime, anywhere with the use of a food truck, Red Riding Food Truck‘s invasion ensures delivery of food that are best tasting, mouth-watering, and at the same time, friendly to the pocket.

Owing to the fact that, what people need in the current situation is for food to come to their doorsteps, the prime movers of this unique resto thought of a concept that would help alleviate people’s cravings without sacrificing quality and affordability.

With restrictions and limitations to mobility since last year due to the pandemic, the Red Riding Truck’s built-in kitchen and storage with its own generator assures quality and hot food for its customers.

Offering a new street vibe in dining, wherein people can simply enjoy a warm cozy afternoon while enjoying unique and delectable goodies, the truck’s signature dish is called the Big Bad Wolf, a delectable Hungarian sausage on a soft and tasty bun topped with its specialty coleslaw, overloaded fries on top, plus more crispy and hot fries on the sides with sauces to choose from. The real filling specialty is a must-try along with its other treats like nachos with a sausage twist, and other gourmet products on the go.

The picturesque view as well as the vibe that lets the past meet the present is the factor why the owners chose the Molo Mansion as the suitable venue for their business–customers have a nice and relaxing atmosphere in a historic landmark. People get to feel an aura of the modern classic, where history and contemporary vibe meets and creates a perfect combination of nostalgia. The vibe goes perfectly well with the food, that is.

Thankful for the opportunity to showcase their unique concept, the proprietors of this business relays that the management is kind enough to assist them in their concerns, as well as helping them in social media which resulted in reaching more customers online. They added that despite the pandemic, they were given an opportunity to continue doing business safely in an organized environment.

Molo Mansion itself attracts sightseers and people from all walks of life, who love to bask along the historic area. What better way to let them enjoy a warm afternoon than to grab a bite of a light snack or a gourmet sausage and a cold drink while contemplating the beauty and rich history of the Ilonggo culture.

Safety protocols are not a concern as the staff has been trained to clean and disinfect all equipment. Chairs and tables are arranged beforehand, so as not to impede with social distancing guidelines and to make sure the area is ready when customers arrive.

The balance of serving good food and abiding with safety protocols, to avoid people from crowding or huddling together is paramount, while food are cooked as ordered to ensure freshness, quality, and most of all safety towards the staff and customers.

Open 2:00 pm -9:00 pm from Mondays to Wednesdays and from 9:00 am-10:00 pm on Thursdays to Sundays, customers can contact or send a message to the Red Riding Food Facebook page or call or text the truck’s number 09457456235.

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