Ilonggo songwriter releases first album under VEGO music

Rithma Unang Hakbang debut album by Christian Susbilla.

After years of serenading Ilonggos in the local music scene, Christian ‘Eshan’ Susbilla, also known as Rithma, is finally making that big, first step: releasing his first album under VEGO Music.

Entitled “Rithma Unang Hakbang,” Susbilla successfully launched his debut album on Friday, February 11 in leading streaming sites Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Youtube Music.

Susbilla is an Ilonggo singer-songwriter/composer who is into Original Pinoy Music (OPM) ballads and rock. As Rithma, he describes his music as being authentic and relatable to the common man.

“Rithma means rhythm. I believe that in everything we do in our daily lives, there’s always a rhythm, beat, or a melody,” he said. “And when we are facing hardships, we take it upfront not only with prayers but also with beat, rhythm, and melody. That’s how I came up with Rithma.”

In his album Unang Hakbang composed of original Ilonggo and Tagalog songs, Rithma aims to evoke the feelings of his listeners with songs that truly touch their hearts.

The album has five songs: Sa Kalibutan, Lipas, Mintras, Lihim, Ikaw, and Malabong Ilaw.

WATCH: Malabong Ilaw by Rithma.

“Sometimes yung mga bagay na akala mo wala na, ay nanatili pa rin sa puso natin. At diyan ako nagko-connect sa mga listeners ko. Bino-boost ko yung feelings, ina-amplify ko yung feeling na akala nila wala na,” he explained.

“Not to refresh them about failures or regrets, but to remind them how they were able to tackle and survive such situations.”

[RITHMA Unang Hakbang on Spotify:]

With the successful launch of his debut album Unang Hakbang, Rithma is feeling pretty excited that his audience, especially Ilonggo listeners, will finally hear the music that comes from the rhythm of his heart.

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