Sky launches new 24/7 customer service messaging platform

Sky's messaging bot Kyla

Live messaging service now available on

SKY continues to find ways to make things easier and faster for subscribers by launching its round-the-clock customer service message platform, enabling them to immediately communicate and address their concerns and other service inquiries online, improving its previous offerings during these unprecedented times.

This new customer touchpoint provides a convenient and efficient customer interface for both existing and potential SKY subscribers, facilitated by a friendly messaging bot named KYLA—allowing SKYcable and SKY Fiber subscribers to do self-help on basic concerns by guiding them to available resources and transfer them to converse with live agents for more complex matters.

This is the latest among many improvements that SKY has been implementing among its various digital touchpoints, with this new messaging platform seen as contributing for faster response times to customer queries.

“Our new messaging platform is all set to provide our subscribers with a superior customer experience that they deserve,” says March S. Ventosa, SKY President and COO. “In line with our digital transformation initiatives, we aim to address our customers’ service concerns in the most efficient and timely manner, that is also immediately and easily accessible to them.”

“KYLA helps SKY subscribers to do self-help on basic concerns by guiding them to available resources and transfers them to converse with live agents for more complex matters,” shares Leonor M. Namoc, SKY’s Head of Customer Experience.

“Users can even use the platform at their own pace, with no worry of being disconnected or their session timing out if they decide to do something else during their conversation with KYLA.”

Visit SKY’s official website,, and click on the “Message Us” icon and the “Get Started” button to begin using the messaging platform. Select the category and subcategory indicated presented by KYLA for queries on SKY products, billing inquiries, service matters, and other requests. KYLA will then guide users to relevant information and self-help guides to help address their concerns. Users may also opt to be transferred to a live agent to discuss their complex matters further.

Follow SKY on Facebook (, Twitter ( for customer service concerns and for product updates), and Instagram (@myskyupdates) for other updates on SKY’s latest offerings.

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