Achieve your financial goals on time with Sun Life Grepa’s SLG MyFuture Fund

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When you have a clear picture of what you are aiming for, working towards your target is easy. With a combination of having a well-thought-out action plan and the right partner, you can achieve the big vision you have for your life and your family on your set timeline.

To help clients bring their financial goals to reality, Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. (Sun Life Grepa), a major life insurance company in the country, developed the SLG MyFuture Fund, a target-date fund that is designed to provide a distinct and simple investment solution that helps clients start building their wealth, maximize their money’s earning potential, and reach their goals according to their target date, while enjoying guaranteed life insurance protection until the fund matures. SLG MyFuture is a fund option for any Sun Life Grepa peso variable insurance plans.

“Planning for your long-term road map should not be complicated. Whether your vision for a brighter future is owning your dream house, securing your child’s education, starting a business, or enjoying a comfortable retirement, you would want to achieve these milestones within your target timeline. Through the SLG MyFuture Fund, we can help you meet your goals in life on time,” says Richard S. Lim, Sun Life Grepa President.

Expertly managed by Sun Life Grepa’s professional fund managers, SLG MyFuture Fund comes in six different maturity dates that policyholders can choose from: 2030, 2035, 2040, 2045, 2050 and 2055. SLG MyFuture Fund follows a pre-determined glide path which maximizes earning potential in the earlier years through higher asset allocation in equities, and then automatically transitions to wealth preservation by shifting the funds’ allocation towards more fixed income assets as the fund nears maturity. This ensures the fund’s exposure to risk is minimized as the maturity date nears so that whatever gains the funds made in the earlier years are better preserved. Moreover, because they have availed of Sun Life Grepa’s variable insurance plans, clients are assured of life insurance coverage so they can have peace of mind knowing that their family is prepared no matter what happens.

With SLG MyFuture Fund, one can start their own journey towards a brighter future in three easy steps: 1) Set a target date for your specific financial goal, 2) Choose an SLG MyFuture Fund that matures closest to your target date, and 3) Pair the fund with the most suitable Sun Life Grepa peso variable unit-linked product, which includes Sun Grepa Power Builder 1, 5, 10 or 100.

“SLG MyFuture Fund takes into account the client’s financial needs, their investment time horizon and tolerance for risk,” Lim said. “For example, if a client intends to build their dream home after 10 years, they could opt for SLG MyFuture Fund 2030. At the start, our fund managers will invest the fund mostly in equities to maximize its growth. But when the maturity date nears, in this case, 2030, they will shift it to more conservative assets in order to preserve the wealth accumulated during the early years in anticipation of the client’s timeline to build their dream home,” he added.

Start building your bright future today with SLG MyFuture Fund. For more information, go to, contact your Sun Life Grepa advisor, visit any Sun Life Grepa branch or email

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