Sun Life and Joe D’ Mango Bring Back “Lovenotes”

Sun Life brings back Joe D Mango's Lovenotes

Nostalgia is in the air as Sun Life Philippines and Joe D’ Mango bring back “Lovenotes,” the iconic radio program that reigned over the airwaves in the 80s and 90s.

Now streaming as a podcast on Spotify, “Lovenotes” will once again inspire listeners, new and long-timers alike, with more stories and pieces of advice to share. Topics will range from relationships to money matters, which they can listen to and learn from. With Sun Life and Joe D’ Mango sharing the same advocacies such as valuing relationships and making a difference in the lives of Filipinos, they aim to help revive people’s passion for pursuing their goals and achieving a brighter future with their loved ones.

“After almost three decades of the program on radio and TV, those who grew up listening or watching Lovenotes have remained nostalgic about the show,” says DJ Joe D’ Mango. “I was very happy and excited to see how people responded when I announced that the program, which has been a part of their growing up years, will finally be back as a podcast.”

Meanwhile, Sun Life sees the program as an opportunity to bring hope and optimism to listeners, especially since the pandemic has necessitated isolation from friends and family. The inspirational stories, engaging conversations, and pieces of advice that mark every episode of Lovenotes can serve as a reminder that having a partner that we can rely on during difficult times can make the journey brighter.

Joe D’ Mango’s Lovenotes will be available to listeners worldwide as it streams every Friday on Spotify, and soon syndicated exclusively on the Sun Life Radio podcast channel coming soon on Spotify.

To know more about Sun Life, visiting Also check out for more information about Lovenotes.

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