Ati community in Iloilo enjoys Math via Surala Ninja!

Surala Ninja! digital platform launched in Ati Community in Iloilo.

Elementary school children from an Ati Tribe community in Iloilo City is now motivated to learn Mathematics through the help of online platform Surala Ninja!

These Ati students were recipients of ‘Future Classroom – Learning Innovation’ Project of Surala Philippies, in partnership with Japan External Trade Organization (Jetro), and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan.

Tokyo, Japan-based E-learning company Surala Net Co., Ltd conducted a three-month pilot implementation of the Future Classroom project to 24 students and 13 parents/ALS learners of ATI Tribe Mission Inc. in Lanit, Jaro. The project was also introduced to partner schools Eden Grace Academy International (83 students) in Mandurriao and St. Joseph School Iloilo (93 students) along Diversion Road in Iloilo City.

The project aims to enhance the achievement level of mathematics in elementary school children, especially low-achieving students.

In the Ati Tribe community, students and youth were given chance to utilize the Surala Ninja!’s personalized online lessons to develop their basic calculation skills. The benefit of customized learning using Surala Ninja! platform is that children can learn individually through game-like online class, practice and answer drills at their own pace. This helps them easily get motivated for learning.

Pastor Rogelio Elosendo, Tribe Leader of the community said, “Surala class is very beneficial to ATI children. They can use the computer and now they learn to count the number faster than before. Children are hoping to continue this class in the future.”

Iloilo City is the only city chosen for FUTURE CLASSROOM-LEARNING INNOVATION project in the Philippines, aside from Jakarta and Bandung in Indonesia.

Ms. Nur-Hannah Saad-Mirrar, project head and general manager of Miraipartners Learning Center, said that they are hoping to reach more children, especially those from low-income families or who face academic challenges.

She added that Surala Ninja will “somehow change the perception of teachers in teaching Mathematics in this time of the pandemic.”

“There is an easy and effective way of conducting it or teaching it using digital platforms like Surala,” she said.

The Future Classroom Project originally started in Japan with the main purpose of supporting the country’s e-learning or Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies. It eventually expanded operations overseas, specifically in Indonesia and the Philippines through Surala Net being chosen as a partner among many Japanese ICT companies.

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