Tamnavulin: The World’s Fastest Growing Single Malt Now Available in Iloilo

Tamnavulin available at Courtyard by Marriott Iloilo

Tamnavulin, the world’s fastest growing single malt, has been making its rounds in various cities in Metro Manila, but it aims to enchant more connoisseurs and aficionados of spirits across the land. There’s no better way than to start with the Heart of the Philippines, Iloilo.

The first launch of Tamnavulin outside Metro Manila unfolds at Courtyard by Marriott Iloilo in celebration of its 6th year. Mr. Dean Rosen, the resident whisky expert for Asia of Whyte and Mackay, helms “Uncork: The Whisky Appreciation Night” unveiling three of its classic revelations from the Speyside valley: Tamnavulin Double Cask, Tamnavulin Sherry Cask, and Tamnavulin French Cabernet Sauvignon Cask Finish.

Tamnavulin is a single malt whisky distilled, matured and bottled in Scotland. What sets Tamnavulin apart and makes it truly unique is it is double matured – for double the depth and twice the taste. Many distilleries are only using one single cask to mature their single malt. In the case of Tamnavulin however, it doesn’t just use one cask but two casks. This results in a high-quality whisky but at an approachable price point that makes it an inviting entry into the world of single malt Scotch.

The core collection of Tamnavulin reflects its perfect taste. Tamnavulin Double Cask is evocative with all the characteristics of a malt from Speyside: rich warm aromas of apples, toffee and honey with sweet marzipan shortly enlightened by subtle hints of tangy marmalade notes. Another classic character of the Speyside distillery is Tamnavulin Sherry Cask, which is a favorite across Asia.

It is matured in American White Oak Barrels and enhanced by a finesse in three different types of Sherry casks. Last but not the least, Tamnavulin French Cabernet Sauvignon Cask Finish is a rich and expressive single malt with warm aromas of orchard fruits, poached pear and almonds.

There is more than one reason why Iloilo might be a perfect match for Tamnavulin. The city’s old-world ambiance is what daydreams are made of. From the historical architecture that honors a royal Spanish heritage; to the gentle rolling of waves from the Guimaras Strait, Tamnavulin is a refreshing single malt that complements the culture and tradition. Another prominent nature of the Ilonggos is their gentle, soft manner of speaking, such as the sweet tones of Tamnavulin, both are welcoming and warm. To top it all, the charming metropolitan was regarded as the Creative City of Gastronomy in the Philippines by UNESCO, owing to its culinary uniqueness and delights, like the sweet rice cake baye-baye, and the savory egg noodles La Paz Batchoy. Tamnavulin is equally a gastronomic experience as well. There’s the sophisticated mixture of orchard fruit and almond, and of toffee and marmalade, and as the velvety list goes on, you will find Tamnavulin as the right malt for your palate.

Tamnavulin is now available for purchase at Courtyard by Marriott Iloilo. It is perfect for those in pursuit of the premium Single Malt Scotch Whisky and an ideal companion for indulgent celebrations.

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