Treat Your Feet like Royalty

The feet, quite literally, is the foundation of our body.

So it is not a question why our feet need special care and attention. A lot of us invest on our precious pair of feet by going to the spa to get foot reflex, foot massage and other services just to give our feet a special luxury.

One way to indulge and to delight your feet is dressing it up with a good pair of shoes.

Geox and Butterfly Twists recently opened its doors at SM City Iloilo to cater for the Ilonggo market.

Geox is an Italian brand of shoe and clothing manufactured with waterproof/breathable fabrics. The brand name, Geox, was created from a mixture between the Greek word “geo” (earth), and “x”, a letter-element symbolizing technology.

The Geox group has consistently invested in innovation, ever since it was founded. Engineers, chemists and physicists are employed in research on perspiration and human-generated heat-movement patterns, testing all materials used in their footwear and manufacturing clothing.

The team of scientists have created and patented new machinery to help them pursue their research. Geox also works with major research labs and universities to test and refine new technology.

Butterfly Twists on the other hand, is a UK shoe brand of foldable shoes. The shoes come with a super soft insole made with memory foam and the body is made of high quality material that adopts to the natural curves of your feet. Their available products in the mall are the foldable ballerinas. The store also features the brand’s foldable boots, making Butterfly Twists the ultimate brand in the market for those who wants a fine variety of handy footwear.

Geox and Butterfly Twists are two brands set to offer quality, comfort and value for money. Located at the upper ground floor and the 2nd floor of the new expansion wing of SM City Iloilo, respectively, these stores are ready to offer the luxury your feet needs.

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