World Bank, Bangladeshi execs cite Iloilo City

World Bank (WB) and Bangladeshi executives were impressed of Iloilo City’s good governance which creates continued economic development in the metropolis.

This was WB’s assessment of Bangladeshi Officials’ Visit to Philippines for the South-South Knowledge Exchange on Urban Management and Resource Mobilization March 23-28.

Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog welcomed the citation as another manifestation of the city’s good governance which other governments in the country and even abroad can follow to effectively serve their constituents.
“The delegates are impressed with the growth of Iloilo City and your ability to attract and sustain local and international investments,” WB’s Senior Urban Specialist Christopher T. Pablo wrote Mabilog.

“During our de-briefing session, the delegates were keen to share some of the lessons that they have gained in their dialogue with you – they note that it is not necessarily difficult if this is coupled with transparency and accountability,” noted Pablo.

The visiting officials credited the City Government’s ideal kind of leadership supported by the community.
“Good local governance requires making decision that are politically unpopular but morally right; and collective local governance, such as your “Do Day Program” for community cleaning, is an effective platform for promoting city ownership by the people,” the WB top official cited.

The city’s successful experience may soon be copied and implemented in foreign land.

“The participating mayors are hopeful that they can replicate, even as smaller scale, some of your good practices and principles in their respective constituencies,” Pablo shared.

The WB expects more partnerships with Iloilo City in terms of learning best practices.

“We think that we have initiated a good platform for knowledge sharing and we are hopeful that there are further opportunities to sustain this exchange between Iloilo City and Bangladeshi Urban Local Bodies under the World Bank funded Municipal Governance and Services Project,” stressed Pablo.

Pablo also congratulated Mabilog for being recognized as one of the Top Five Mayors of the World “is a testament to the very good work that you and your staff have done for Iloilo City.”

“I would like to thank you and your staff on behalf of my team at World Bank and members of Bangladesh delegation for your hospitality in hosting us at your office, for personally attending to the delegation and sharing your governance strategy and experience in leading Iloilo City to its current status as one of the premier cities of the Philippines,” said Pablo.

“We also extend our appreciation for the efforts of your staff, particularly the City Tourism Office, for their hospitality and for enthusiastically showcasing the best of Iloilo City within a limited amount of time,” he added. [via Source]

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