Nurturing Kindness in a Hostile World

How Jehovah’s Witnesses Are Instilling Kindness in Their Children

In preparation for World Kindness Day on Nov. 13, many residents of Bacolod City are doing their share to promote this rare quality in their own families.

Research has shown that instilling kindness in children from birth can lay the groundwork for healthy relationships and can teach them to cultivate respect and empathy for others.

As a mother of five school-aged children, Eduena Lindog understands the importance of teaching her children kindness from a young age.

“It’s our responsibility as parents to teach our children to show kindness.,” said Eduena. “I always remind them to show kindness when they’re dealing with other people.”

In addition to teaching acts of kindness at home, Eduena has found the educational tools on, the official website of Jehovah’s Witnesses, to be immensely helpful when teaching valuable lessons.

The website features animated videos and printable family activities starring Caleb and Sophia, two fictional characters who have become household names for many families.

“Our children love watching the ‘Be Kind and Share’ Caleb and Sophia video,” said Ian Nessia. “They have a real sibling camaraderie now, and that brings me so much joy.”

The Caleb and Sophia content was specifically created to help parents address the serious challenges of raising children in a hostile world, says Vincent Andrew Alojamiento, assistant regional spokesperson for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Western Visayas.

“As acts of violence continue to dominate news headlines, instilling kindness at home has never been more important,” said Alojamiento. “Parents can benefit from all the free tools found on to raise children who live by the words found in Acts 20:35, ‘There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.’”

The “Be Kind and Share” video , starring Caleb and Sophia, can be streamed for free on, which features practical Bible-based content in over 1,070 languages.

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