5 Shopping Tips When Buying New Appliances

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Even with prior experience, picking the best appliance for your home can be daunting—especially large-sized, big-ticket pieces like fridges and washing machines. You’ll need to think about the price tag, delivery options, and even how the new appliance will be installed in your home.

Fortunately, there are many stores in the Philippines that can make appliance shopping a lot easier. Some offer online purchasing options, while others like the Savers Appliances free installation service help to ensure that your new appliance is set up correctly. This makes shopping for new appliances a more convenient and safer experience, so you can simply focus on choosing the best appliance for your needs.

Since well-built appliances can last a long time, it may have been years since you last bought a major appliance. You might find the new technologies and trends confusing or intimidating, so to make sure you get the best deal for your budget, here are some appliance shopping tips you need to take note of.

Assess What You Need

You might be tempted to simply get the latest model or purchase something that has a multitude of features. However, it may not be exactly what you need. To avoid overspending on unnecessary features and being disappointed with your purchase, you need to first identify what your needs and priorities are. This will help you determine if a certain model is right for you. For example, if you plan to get a new refrigerator that you can use to stock an entire month’s worth of food, you may need a design with a larger cubic area or a spacious freezer. Otherwise, getting a refrigerator with WiFi capabilities won’t matter if you can’t store all the food you want.

To help you stay the course, create a list of your non-negotiables that are distinct from the nice-to-have features. It can include qualities like energy efficiency, quiet operation, or even a particular design that matches your home’s aesthetic. Then consider your budget alongside these requirements. Having a set amount in mind can help you decide if the price is right for the features you need.


Take Measurements

Sometimes, your dream appliance may turn out to be too big for your house. So it’s best to take measurements of the space where you intend to place the appliance before you start shopping. When you find an appliance with the features you want, compare its size to the measurements you took. Pay attention to dimensions such as height, width, and depth. You also need to consider other factors in the area that will affect the appliance’s operations, such as having enough space to ensure proper airflow and access to electrical outlets.

Additionally, measure the path leading to where you want to place the appliance, including the entryway and hallway. It’s also important to take note of the corners, staircases, or any other parts of your home that can get in the way of moving the appliance. The delivery staff will be limited by the space in your home so providing this information will help them determine how to maneuver when bringing in and installing your appliance.

Pay Attention to Feedback

Whether you know someone who owns something similar or have found an online review of the appliance you are eyeing, remember to make a mental note of them. If you can, ask people about their experiences with the appliance, including the things they like and don’t like. When referring to user reviews online, head to reputable sites to avoid being misled by fake reviews.

Although reviews can provide valuable information, you need to remember that satisfied customers are less likely to leave feedback. You might encounter a lot of negative comments so take them with a grain of salt. But if you consistently find the same complaints about a specific aspect of the product, then this is likely a red flag that you should take seriously.

Visit an Appliance Store

Reviews and customer feedback are wonderful resources when it comes to insights about a particular product. However, there is value in seeing the appliance in person. By inspecting the appliance up close, you can take note of its qualities that can affect its usage. It also allows you to examine other features that are important to you such as aesthetics and size. More importantly, checking out the appliance can help you ensure you are making the right investment.

Also, many large appliances are frequently touched, like refrigerators, ovens, and washing machines. So it’s worthwhile to feel the appliances with your own hands and see how comfortable you will be when grasping or operating them. Some of the things you may want to check include how smoothly the doors open, how the handles feel in your grasp, and how easily you can access the control panels.

Check Appliance Warranties

Before you buy an appliance, you need to be aware of the warranties. Make sure to check what is and what’s not covered under the manufacturer and retailer warranty. Typically, the coverage is one year for parts and labor. Once a year has passed, replacement products are often covered for up to five years but you’ll need to pay for labor and service.

Warranties vary depending on the brand so you can find other appliances with shorter or longer warranty coverage. In some cases, appliance stores can direct you to authorized service providers. Ask about nearby service centers and if there are any challenges in getting replacement parts. Depending on where the appliance is manufactured, some brands have replacement parts on hand while others need to be ordered from another country—which can delay repairs. Consider this if the appliance is something you’ll need to use every day.

Shopping for new appliances can be intimidating even for the seasoned buyer. The good news is a lot of appliance stores today have an array of services that make it easier for their customers to purchase an appliance. Even so, you need to be ready before buying anything—especially if it is a huge investment. So, take your time to go through the tips mentioned above. This way, you can get an appliance that perfectly suits your needs, budget, and preferences.

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