Bugal Sang Kwarto Tour: Boosting Iloilo’s 4th District Tourism

Horseback riding at Casa Fiametta

The Office of Congressman Ferjenel Biron is proud to announce the success of “Bugal Sang Kwarto Tour”, its latest initiative to promote tourism in the 4th district of Iloilo.

The campaign was the first of its kind in the province and aimed to entice and invite guests to visit the district’s landmark destinations, highlighting its rich history, culture, food, heritage, and natural beauty.

With the help of 16 content creators from different parts of Western Visayas, the campaign successfully showcased the district’s unique blend of modernity and tradition.

Stunning sunset view at Curvus Cafe, Dumangas
Stunning sunset view at Curvus Cafe, Dumangas

The content creators embarked on a three-day adventure tour through the picturesque towns of the 4th district, indulging in a plethora of activities such as horseback riding, river cruises, hiking, and cave exploration. All thanks to the well-designed 4th District tourism map, readily available at www.bugalsangkwatro.ph, they were able to navigate their way around seamlessly, reveling in the charm and uniqueness of each destination.

From the delightful delicacies at the Curvus Cafe in Dumangas, accompanied by the stunning sunset view, to the intriguing seafood sun-drying tradition at Sitio Lamintao in Barotac Nuevo, the content creators traveled across the 4th District and experience everything it has to offer.

Influencers checking the cleanest and most modern Market Mall in Barotac Nuevo.
Influencers checking the cleanest and most modern Market Mall in Barotac Nuevo.

They also had the chance to explore the captivating Bulabog Putian National Park in Dingle and bask in the breathtaking Agcararo Mountain View in Passi City. The itinerary included exciting challenges at Market Mall, allowing the content creators to delve into the rich culture and delectable food scenes of the district.

The tour culminated with a visit to the renowned Tamasak Arena in Barotac Nuevo, which left the content creators in awe of the district’s must-visit attractions.

“Through our partnership with these talented content creators, we aim to bring to light the exquisite beauty and unique charm of the 4th district,” said Cong. Biron. “Our district boasts a rich history, diverse culture, breathtaking natural wonders, and delectable cuisines that are waiting to be explored and experienced. By harnessing the power of social media, we hope to inspire and encourage more people to discover all that our district has to offer.”

The content creators will share their experiences across their social media accounts to reach a wide audience and generate a positive impact on local businesses and communities. The program is part of Congressman Biron’s broader tourism campaign and was supported by partner LGUs including Passi City, Anilao, Barotac Nuevo, and Dumangas.

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