Day Tour: Inland Attractions in Guimaras

Summer is always a perfect time for travelers to visit Guimaras, with its unspoiled natural beauty and pristine attractions.

More than its powdery white sand beaches and plentiful virgin coves, Guimaras has a lot of destinations that will surely excite tourists who have time for a land tour in a day.

The province of Guimaras, in coordination with Travel and Marketing Experts (TMX), has recently organized a day tour for media and bloggers, and here are some places that they visited:

San Lorenzo Wind Farm

The 54-megawatt San Lorenzo Wind Farm consisting of 27 wind turbines is one of the more popular places to go in the province. Tourists may proceed to Lookout Point Number Seventeen to have a perfect selfie or jumpshot with friends under the massive, 123-meter WTG No. 17 or view the 26 other turbines scattered all over the town.

Salt Farm

Guimaras has salt farms in Barangays Suclaran, M. Chavez, and Sebario, all in San Lorenzo. The typical salt drying beds which utilizes evaporation in producing crystal white salt in these places are also popular destinations for travelers.

Roca Encantada

The ‘Roca Encantada’ or Enchanted Rock is a summer house of the Lopezes built atop a rocky hill in Buenavista. Constructed in 2010, the mansion’s balcony offers scenic view of Iloilo-Guimaras strait and the Siete Pecados islands. It was declared as “heritage house” by the National Heritage Institute.

Navalas Church

The San Isidro Labrador Church in Navalas, Buenavista is the oldest Roman Catholic church and the only existing heritage church in the Island of Guimaras. Built in 1880’s, edifice is primarily built on coral stones which are said to be abundant in the area during the time of its construction.

The Pitstop Restaurant

Tourists who really love Guimaras mangoes must not fail to drop by The Pitstop Restaurant near the Provincial Capitol to satisfy their gastronomic cravings! Pitstop serves the famous Mango Pizza and Mango Spaghetti, plus other mango-inspired dishes such as Mango Bulalo, Chicken Adobo with Mango Twist and Bangus Sisig with Mango Bits.

Marceily Point

If your really tired of the road trip and needs a relaxing place to unwind and commune with nature, Marceily Point Inland Resort in Tamburong, Jordan is the perfect place to be. Just 10-15 minutes from Jordan wharf, Marceily Point has swimming pools for kids and adults, restaurant and bar overlooking at lush greens, and safe and comfortable overnight accommodations. The place is perfect for family gatherings and special occasions.

These are just some of the destinations that travelers and tourists may visit in Guimaras, especially this month in which the province is celebrating the Manggahan Festival from May 11-22.

How to get to Guimaras

Guimaras can be reached by plane from Manila and other origins via Iloilo International Airport, or through ships docking in the Port of Iloilo. Then from Ortiz Wharf or Parola Wharf, take a 15-minute pumpboat ride to the island. If you have vehicles you may ride through the Roll-on Roll-off (RORO) facility from Lapuz, Iloilo City. Alternative routes to Guimaras are via RORO or pumpboat from Pulupandan, Negros Occidental to Sebaste Port in Sibunag and of pump boat from Pulupandan and Valladolid, Negros Occidental to San Lorenzo.

Make sure to register at Tourism office in the wharf, it helps the tourism industry of the province.

Come and visit Guimaras even for a day, and surely you will enjoy your exciting getaway in the attractions of the island that fits your taste!

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