Jericho Rosales jams with Ilonggos at Kuya J Restaurant

Kuya J Restaurant made its presence felt in Iloilo City by introducing its array of delectable dishes, and bringing in bidang endorser Jericho Rosales to SM City Iloilo on Sunday, January 31.

The recently-named MMFF best actor winner flew in to dine and mingle with resto patrons and group of local media and bloggers, before having a meet-and-greet event with fans, who took the opportunity to take selfies and have an autograph-signing with the well-loved celebrity.

Rosales also generously treated attendees to a jamming session, singing his hit song Pusong Ligaw, Basil Valdez’s You, Gary V’s Di Bale Nalang, Joshua Kadison’s Beautiful in My Eyes, and Eric Clapton’s Change the World.

Kuya J owner Winglip Chang was also present to personally introduce the restaurant and Rosales as brand ambassador, and to thank the Ilonggos for the support.

“We are very happy with the response of the Ilonggo public. We assure our customers that we will continue to improve, not just on our product quality but also our service,” Chang said.

Chang is highly known in Cebu for his knack of constantly bringing food and restaurant services to a whole new level. With over 30 years of remarkable experience in the food industry, it’s no surprise that Kuya J Restaurant has become and continues to be one of the fast rising Filipino restaurants in the country.

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The homegrown restaurant from Cebu opened its store in Iloilo early December 2015, and their heartwarming take on Filipino foods has captured the discriminating taste of the Ilonggos.

Kuya J’s best sellers include Crispy Pata, Grilled Scallops, Pochero Tagalog, Kare-Kare, and yummy desserts such as Fried Halo-Halo and Tablea Flan.

Kuya J specialty Crispy Pata, with perfectly deep-fried pork skin and tender juicy pata meat.

Kare-kare with reinvented peanut sauce.

Grilled scallops full of cheesy butter topping.

Battered deep-fried Crispy Catfish seasoned with spices, served with chilli tuba sauce and bagoong mayo.

Lumpia Presko, a sautéed crabmeat and bamboo shoots filling rolled in malunggay-infused wrapper with sweet garlic sauce.

[More photos of the event at Iloilo Today Facebook page.]

Kuya J Restaurant have a total of 30 stores by the end of 2015, it is opening up 80 more around the country this year.

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