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AllHome Laundry Room Checklist

Are you one of those people who dread laundry days? Or are you one of those people who wait until there’s practically no more items in your wardrobe? If the answer is a resounding “yes” then stick for a while and read up on how to organize the laundry and laundry area so it won’t feel like a chore in itself.

Doing the laundry has to be one of the most time consuming chores one can do at home, especially if there are plenty of people at home. So a clutter-less and an organized laundry area is a plus to avoid additional stress. But before we go into organizing, do you know what to and what not to put in your laundry room? What items do we need to use? Here we’ll be talking and giving you a short checklist for your laundry room to avoid spending on unnecessary items and clutter.

Laundry baskets

One item that’s needed outside the laundry room is the laundry basket. As the name implies, it’s a basket for your dirty garments. You have two choices here, it’s either have each family member have their own laundry basket inside their room or have a common basket near the laundry room to put all the laundry. Quick tip, put two separate laundry baskets, this is for easier separation of whites and the other for colored garments.

Washing machine

A laundry room checklist is useless without the machine that does the laundry. Washing machines have been around for years and with the technological advancements, they have become cheaper and overall energy efficient.

There are mainly two types of washing machines, front load washing machine and top loaded washing machine. There have been debates as to what is better. Space and convenience is still the top priority when choosing a washing machine. Here are other things to consider when choosing a washing machine.

  • Drum size – having a large family means having lots of clothes to wash, consider a washing machine that can handle larger loads.
  • Wash programs – A washing machine that can handle delicates well like linen sheets or polyester material but can also handle heavy duty fabrics like curtains and denim.
  • Water and energy consumption – aside from the environmental impact, this is important in the long run as consumption is synonymous to money spending.


Some opt for a dryer and just choose an automatic washing machine with a spin cycle. If you have space, consider adding a dryer. This can speed up the drying process especially during the rainy months. It doesn’t need to be all that fancy, as long as it does the job then it’s good to go.

Like the washing machine, the drum size, programs and consumption are also things to consider. The thing about the dryer is that you don’t need to use it every time, with the weather here in the Philippines, air drying clothes can also be an option to save up on electric consumption.

Laundry detergent, fabric conditioners and bleach

Of course, the next item on a laundry room checklist is the laundry supplies. Be it laundry detergents, fabric conditioners, bleaches and stain treaters; all these should be kept neatly organized in a shelf or organizing rack. Always keep extras of these to avoid running out of supplies in the middle of your laundry day.

Cleaning supplies

The laundry room is also the perfect place to store cleaning equipment like brooms, cleaning gloves, dustpans and mops. Give these items a separate space away from the laundry supplies to avoid misuse of the product.

Mesh bags

These protect your delicates during the cycle. These mesh bags are very affordable and come in different sizes. We suggest buying at least two of these, one for the undergarments and one for socks.

Drying rack and hangers

Being in a tropical country like the Philippines, almost every household has a drying rack or clothes line. While some clothes lines can be found outside the laundry room, it is still best to have an extra folding drying rack that you can take out in case the sun decides to not show up.

Iron and ironing board

Ironing might have the highest learning curve in all the laundry day chores. It takes practice and patience as well but don’t let it stop you from ironing clothes. Ironing keeps the wrinkles off and makes every garment, especially polos and other formal wear crisp and elegant. It also adds to the appearance of cleanliness too.

Folding table

This might be something not a lot of people have because a lot of people become lazy with folding. To avoid this, install a folding table inside the laundry room or have your ironing board your folding table as well. This way, you save time and avoid carrying all the clothes inside the bedroom and putting it down on a chair never to be folded again.

Whether a huge room or just a corner of the house, a laundry area is a must for every household. Making it organized and efficient also might lessen the dread during laundry days, it might even convert you into a lover of that chore! is here to help you in bringing life to your homes with just a click. It’s as easy as browsing the latest offers, getting everything you want with our fast delivery service, and paying cash on delivery or using online easy payment terms.

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