Mabilog: “Muy Leal Y Noble Ciudad” title a manifestation of progress

The title “Muy Leal Y Noble Ciudad” bestowed by Queen Maria Cristina of Spain to this city on March 10, 1898 is an honor and manifestation of the city as being progressive.

The title which means “Most Loyal and Noble City” should remind Ilonggos to work hard in order to regain what it was during the Spanish period, said city mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog.

The title once formed part of the Iloilo City seal but there are sectors that are pushing that it will no longer be used in some of its promotional materials. They claimed that the title is a proof this city’s lack of patriotism.

However, Mabilog said that Iloilo City could use it to its advantage.

“It would connect us to Europe and other Spanish speaking countries all over the world. That we are connected and we could develop trade and investment, we could have exchange scholars in education,” he said. “We could make it into something that is positive rather than look at it as negative.”

The mayor, nonetheless, said that he respects that opinion and understanding of those that are pushing for that the title no longer be honored. (PNA)

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