St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo opens Cancer Center

St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo formally inaugurated on Wednesday, October 19, its state-of-the-art Cancer Center, the first of its kind in Western Visayas.

Brainchild of Sr. Rosamond Marie Abadesco, SPC, the hospital’s administrator, St. Paul’s Hospital Cancer Center aims to provide excellent and comprehensive cancer treatment as part of the institution’s commitment in pursuing innovative and socially-responsive healthcare services to Ilonggos in the city and neighboring towns and provinces.

The Cancer Center is equipped with both chemotherapy and radiation therapy facilities. Radiation therapy is the therapeutic application of ionizing radiation for the treatment of cancer. It is subdivided into external and internal therapy, both of which are available at the Cancer Center.

The Center also offers external therapy via a specialized linear accelerator called the TomoTherapy HD system. This is a fully integrated, revolutionary system with image guided, intensity modulated radiation therapy capabilities designed to provide accurate and highly individualized treatment using
computed tomography imaging and optimized radiation beam delivery.

Unlike other linear accelerators, it has a unique helical design and enables dose delivery through a continuous 360 degree­ angle and can create versatile plans for a variety of clinical applications. It is equipped with advanced treatment planning tools and the Planned Adaptive software that allows physicians to monitor and maintain a treatment plan and account for patient changes that impact this plan. With this, treatment plans may be adjusted allowing for a more accurate delivery of radiation dose for even the most complex and complicated cancers.

The Saginova Afterloader brachytherapy system is also available at the Cancer Center. It is a high ­dose rate, image­-guided system using a Cobalt­ 60 source and comes with an expansive selection of applicators and an In­Vivo Dosimetry System which allows the direct monitoring of doses to both the rectum and the bladder and the tumor itself. This helps assure the precise and targeted delivery of radiation and guarantees that the surrounding organs receive as little radiation dose as possible.

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Since it is a high dose rate system, brachytherapy for gynecologic cancers are usually of only 2 hours duration and is done on an outpatient basis with fewer side effects as compared to low­ dose­ rate systems. This ensures patient comfort, convenience and safety.

Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog, who graced the blessing and ribbon-cutting ceremony together with Vice Mayor Joe Espinosa III and hospital’s executives, expressed his gratitude to St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo for opening the first Cancer Center in Western Visayas that would cater to cancer patients not only in Iloilo but the whole Panay island.

Ilonggos need not leave their families and homes and go to Manila or Cebu to get treatment for Cancer, he said.

The St. Paul’s Hospital Cancer Center is truly the first of its kind in Western Visayas, boasting of specialized and advanced facilities and staffed by highly competent radiation oncologists.

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