Produkto Lokal: What Does It Take To Be Local?

Produkto Lokal Iloilo Weekend Fair.

In the past three years, Produkto Lokal Iloilo has been busy with fairs to celebrate Ilonggo ingenuity and Panayanon heritage that is reflected in our products and arts.

In the background, we witness our beloved city become more glorious: gaining another business district, crowning another “tallest building,” and welcoming flavors from around the world.

Amidst the loyal following that we are grateful for and in the core of the City of Love’s development, we continue to ask ourselves: “Why are we here? What do we truly care about What can we offer to Iloilo?”

Amidst recent changes, there is a need to preserve the things that we truly care about: our balance of nature and progress, our beautiful river, our peaceful streets.

We need to uphold what we truly are: loving and “malambing” people and upholders of education. We have our unique art inspired by our stories. We have a wise, conservative nature. We love our family. We prefer peace and quiet.

Our values are reflected in our arts, celebrated in our songs, and reflected in our products.

In the time of progress, we have to strengthen our identity.

Let’s not be the next Manila or the next Cebu. We have to be a bigger and better Iloilo. Yes, there will be businesses, jobs, and opportunities.

But in the core, we will remain an inclusive society that ensures everyone becomes a part of progress–protecting our core during the time of change.

This October, we are ecstatic to put together another weekend fair. We’re excited to bring together exquisite artisanal goods, savory Filipino dishes, and fine homegrown talents.

More than that, we are looking forward to welcoming back our local farmers.

More than just a weekend festivity, Produkto Lokal honors the Ilonggo Heritage and Culture by digging deeper into our history and reaching out to the grassroots. We constantly ask ourselves: “What does it mean to be an Ilonggo?” We want to celebrate what we truly are.

The movement aims to empower rural communities so they can be a part of Iloilo’s progress. This fair will relieve the good old community barters where farmers can bring harvests and sell them to consumers.

To come up with something that is genuinely “Made In Iloilo,” we need our businesses, artists, and grassroots to work together. Produkto Lokal hopes to bring back this interaction.

With this, Produkto Lokal invites farmers, artists, crafters, and SMEs to a 2-day weekend fair on October 20-21 at City Time Square.

For more info, please contact Keithlyn at 09201359530 or (By Romellaine Arsenio)

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